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Play Hickory specializes in antique golf club rentals with vintage replica golf balls.
Hundreds of events and thousands of players have experienced the charm and feel of playing hickory golf in the early days with shafts of wood.


Our Company

Play Hickory, Inc. was established in July, 2004 by Chris McIntyre, an avid player of hickory shafted golf clubs. Chris had developed such a renewed passion for the game through playing with these old clubs that he wanted to provide the opportunity to groups of golfers and share the feeling of playing with clubs from another era. It takes tremendous dedication to gain the connections, select, restore, test and compile these sets of clubs. All of this is done to give you the opportunity to experience what Chris does every week, playing the game with fun and appreciation for how it was when these golf clubs prevailed.


The 1920 Club Sets

Seriously, I have sorted through thousands of clubs to pick out the clubs for the play sets. I use a swing weight scale on the irons to assure they have the weight required to feel right and play well. I test the wooden shafts to assure they have the correct flex and strength and are sound for play. And, the work I’ve done to the woods is essential to good play. You have absolutely the BEST chance to enjoy hickory golf when you rent clubs for Play Hickory!


The 1920 Golf Balls


We use the Ouimet mesh golf balls for realistic play!


Enjoy Your Event!


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